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The Blistering Desert | Instrumental Conversations | Ft. Vasudev Prabhu (Official)
Song : The Blistering Desert (Original composition) Album : This And That (2016) Artist : Instrumental Conversations Harmonica – Vasudev Prabhu of By2Blues - Thanks for being part of this! Music composition, guitars and arrangement - Ravi C A Drums Arrangement and production (audio/video) support - Rahul Ravi Any criticism for story, screenplay and direction: Culprit Ravi CA Visual Clips - All aerial desert footage: Rob Sall ( Thanks Rob! - Ground footage (walking scenes): Kosal Raman. Thanks Kosal for driving out to get us the clips to complete the story! - Opening footage of fallen man with his 'precious' belongings! - Rahul Ravi (Don't ask us which desert he went to for this) - The mirage (city skyline picture appearing fleetingly in between): Jayesh Vijayan. Thanks buddy! - Fallen man (only hand visible): Ravi CA :) - Harmonica seen in the 'desert' : Used to belong to Ravi CA's late grandfather, C S Rama Iyer. It is a family 'heirloom' since the 1970's! Produced at Medad Media Bangalore The 3rd studio album, This And That, from Instrumental Conversations was released in September 2016. This track is inspired by the never-say-give-up attitude displayed by everyone who has fought against odds to succeed. It attempts to tell the story of a man lost in the desert making his way back home despite several hardships. Please like, share and subscribe to stay in touch with our new productions. Thanks in advance! Links: Amazon (Audio CDs) Facebook Apple iTunes CD Baby
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